Orange-Bittersweet 16" X 16" Napkin - 50 Ct Pk

Perfect parties of any kind, whether you are getting ready for the fall holidays or getting ready to support you team. These napkins will impress

50 count pack
2ply quality
Folds out to a 16x16

2.5oz Antibacterial Foam

Hands & Nails
Softens and conditions the skin while providing hours of lasting protection against bacteria and harmful germs that cause illness. Travel size!
Use it when you are: Traveling, camping, playing sports, eating out, shaking people's hands, flying in an airplane, at the office, at home, babysitting, around sick people, in contact with children, . . .

PureWorks' Antibacterial Foam meets or exceeds all requirements as set forth by the United States Food and Drug Administration as a First Aid Antiseptic.