COFFEE Shop Feather Banner Flag Kit (Flag, Pole, & Ground Mt)

Make sure your potential customers can find you and know what you sell. These 11.5 foot banners are designed to draw attention to you. They really work! This price is for One complete set. ONE COFFEE Shop feather banner (swooper or tall flag), ONE 16 foot aluminum pole set, ONE Ground Mount Stake. The banner is made of knit polyester for long life and bright colors. The "stay open" design lets your customers read the banner even when the wind is not blowing. The image is 100% dyed-through, single-sided (back side reverse).

Tall Feather Banner Kit (16 foot Pole , Flag and Ground Mount)
Flag made of knit polyester for longer life and brighter colors.
A great way to advertise.
100% dyed-through image, single-sided (back side reverse).
Ships within 2 business days!

Swarovski Crystal Grapes Ring, in Crystal with Silver Finish

Rhodium plated base metal